Thursday, December 4, 2008

Sewer guys, and construction dudes and cement trucks..OH MY!!!

We thought we would come home from Thanksgiving break to poured footings, but it was not meant to be- the construction powers that be obviously did not want us to miss out on one once of stress so they saved it all for us to deal with when we got back!

We came home to a notice on our door that the sewer people (who our neighbor had called in to see if our lines were ever split to which we found out they were not)were finally coming after 6 months of waiting- a happy accident for us because now we could make sure our sewer line was deep enough and we did not have to foot the bill! We had also made arrangements for our construction workers to use that same side of the house to get the mountain of dirt out of our yard (goodbye California has been nice paying for you!) And our plumbers needed to be on hand to make sure the sewer thingy fit the other thingy at the right angle so the thingy would work- lets face it, its all potty words to me- anyway, what do you get when you have sewer dudes, construction dudes, plumbers and city inspectors all there at once? Well, not a whole lot accomplished, that's for sure! I just have one thing to say to them all- pull up your pants!

Anyway, here is a pictorial of whats going on here at the Hazelwood house-

Here is what the sewer guys did-

and here is what the cement guys did...

and here is where we are now- we had our inspection for the slab and passed, so it looks like they will pour the slab on Saturday! We are moving along!


Shelly said...

Oh, you loved the crack. Admit it. I know you did! he he he....plumbers, construction boy, and sewer boy. That's enough crack to share!

The Talley's said...

Hey those guys in the Blue shirts sure are handsome! And we all know the older one has an extra long crack!!! hehehe

Orange Peanut said...

You're getting closer! I am sure it seems like everything is moving at a snails pace, but it will be over before you know it and then you will have all this extra space and you will invite your friend Megan over so she can ohh and awww over your beautiful space!