Thursday, November 13, 2008


Been listening to a jack hammer and pounding all day long- scared poor Maya to death and caused her to take a less than long enough nap today (which may be the reason she is in meltdown mode right now...)but this is the end result- FOOTINGS! Jake is standing in one of the trenches and it is almost as deep as he is tall!

This picture is just to make the builder inspector of the family (love you daddy!)cringe- it's a picture of our electrical panel- the people we bought this house from had started a remodel and replaced a bunch of old wiring but never quite got it to the electrical box...can you believe we have lived here for this long with that hassard in our garage??? Stupid, I know- I will never forget showing the house to my dad for the first time and having him tell me we was not comforatble with his grandchildren living here- hmm grandchildren? What am I? chopped liver? What about your favorite daughter named Janalee?


Lori said...

So fun to check my blog yesterday and see a comment from you! I had followed your family blog until it went'll have to give me the password! I'm sooo excited for your looks huge! Hopefully I can see it in person in Jan./Feb.

Marianne said...

Yeah for footings!!! Looks fun

Melissa said...

Wow--I bet you are excited! Tell Dave to start selling jewelry so he can pay for your adition--lolololol!

Crazy wire box--I am not comfortable with you and Maya living there--forget about the men. Oh wait, I like your men.

Orange Peanut said...

Wow, that addition is HUGE!!! So fun to see progress!