Sunday, January 25, 2009

Blogger is acting up..

So the next few posts are completely out of order, Blogger was being finicky! But at least they are postes right?


This is what happens when there are several men on your roof ripping it off! I have always wanted skylights, just not in the shape of construction workers feet!

No More Roof!

Dave fashioned this snazzy way to save all my plants from all the roofing material falling on them...

The first crew came in and striped off all the shingles and roofing less than 2 hours!

Then the second crew started to rip the old stick frame apart until it looked like this...

Chim Chimeny

Dave and the boys had a great time tearing the chimeny out in preperation for the roof to come off...Mom was in Vegas, so Jake even got to go up on the roof to help which might not have happened had she been home!

Our Fort is Bigger Than Your Fort!

So after we had 3 plus weeks of 60-70* weather, we decided to take the roof off...and what do you know, the Rain Gods laughed hysterically and showed us no mercy! Let the tarping begin!

We got the house covered with the blue tarps, thought we had it covered and went to bed that night only to wake up to the dreaded drip, drip, drip in several locations...Dave was up all night and Janalee woke up to every bowl, towel and even frying pan she owned full of water! I wish I would have had the frame of mind to take pictures of our indoor water falls, but I was too busy rescueing important papers, emptying soggy cupboards, and helping to turn my house into the biggest fort ever!

No More Drips! But wait! Not to be leftout, the Wind Gods needed to throw something our way and we spent the next morning stapleing and nailing down the tarps so we did not blow away. We also had to drain a few lakes that had formed on top of the house which meant faces full of water as we pulled the tarps tight so the water would drain.

We have a couple more storm systems on the way, but hopefully we can get the trusses up early next week...if we don't float away!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

What a bunch of STUDS!!!!

So this is what the house looks like now, so excited to be able to picture the walls and see it coming together.
Here is probably my favorite part- this is my dining area window. I love how big it is and how fun it will be to look out into the back yard (after all the junk is cleaned up of course!) you can see the Tadgma-shed David built way in the back.

This is the hallway from the kitchen to the laundry room, craft room and out to the game room.

This is the game room with a "pool bathroom" framed in at the end.

Here is part of the master bath- you are looking at a walk-in closet and the "throne room". the space between the studs and the existing wall of the house is our computer/study room.

Here is the garage...

Here is our new and very expensive power panel...

the side of the garage/house...

and the back wall with the french doors and dining area window.

Next up the roof comes off...wish us luck!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Pouring the foundation-
Dave gets some manly grunting time as he helps get the plumbing all roughed in so we can pour the cement the next day

Huge loads of gravel and sand were delivered and then spread over the dirt to prepare for the cement slab... then lots of men working, three cement trucks and several hours later

And finally we have a cement slab foundation! Next come the walls and the footings for our retaining wall!