Thursday, January 15, 2009

What a bunch of STUDS!!!!

So this is what the house looks like now, so excited to be able to picture the walls and see it coming together.
Here is probably my favorite part- this is my dining area window. I love how big it is and how fun it will be to look out into the back yard (after all the junk is cleaned up of course!) you can see the Tadgma-shed David built way in the back.

This is the hallway from the kitchen to the laundry room, craft room and out to the game room.

This is the game room with a "pool bathroom" framed in at the end.

Here is part of the master bath- you are looking at a walk-in closet and the "throne room". the space between the studs and the existing wall of the house is our computer/study room.

Here is the garage...

Here is our new and very expensive power panel...

the side of the garage/house...

and the back wall with the french doors and dining area window.

Next up the roof comes off...wish us luck!


Shelly said...

Looks absolutly gorgeous! Love what you've done with the decor! When will it be done so I can come inspect?

Orange Peanut said...

I don't check your blog in a few weeks (the whole flu bug took over our life).

Janalee, you are getting so close! It is going to be great and the view out your dining room is going to be great!

Hays said...

you have to take LOTS of pictures when they are all done! :)~. Yay! Tell everyone I said hi!

Jill said...

wowee! looks like something justin did once upon a time. i am happy for you. looks like things are rolling along. wish we were closer so we could help.